Lengua Translations Affiliate Program

In co-operation with Multimeta, The Meta Search Engine

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Now you can earn real money with Lengua Translations.

In co-operation with Multimeta, the Meta Search Engine, we are pleased to announce the Lengua Translations Affiliate Program: a two-tier plan offering direct sale, referral, and residual income.

  • Earn 15% of our profit on every sale originating from your site!
  • Refer webmasters who join our program and earn an additional 5% on all sales originating from their sites!
  • Earn 15% of the profit on all future sales to "your" customers!

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How much can I earn?

Your earnings will depend on a number of factors. Obviously, if you have very little traffic to your web site, you will have very few click-throughs and even fewer sales. If you have a fair number of visitors and click throughs, the size of the sale will determine the amount of your commission. A small web site requiring translation of only 2 or 3 pages will generate a smaller profit than a large site needing dozens of pages translated. Your commissions, therefore, could range from as little as $10.00 per sale to hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale. You will always receive 15% of the profit from your sales.

How reliable is your program?

Our client list is a "Who's Who" of international business, including such well known firms as: Siemens, SwissAir and UPS. All affiliates are paid on the last day of each month, and payment is always guaranteed.

We provide real-time statistics for all impressions, clicks and sales. All sales are tracked by tracking software, using javascript and cookies. Clients may buy up to 30 days after the initial click-through, and the sale will be credited to you (a lot of people look first for information and buy days or weeks later).

Registration is FREE, with no risk to you, and takes only 5 minutes of your time.

1. Choose a banner, fill in all information and the URL where you plan to put your banner (the banner will function anywhere, but it helps us to monitor activity). Make sure your email address is entered correctly; the HTML code you need to add to your page is sent to your email address.

2. Click on the Sign-Up button. The code you need to add to your page should arrive in your email in a few seconds. Make sure you do not alter the code in any way; changing it could result in someone else receiving credit for your banner!

3. Add the code to your webpage and upload your new page. Try clicking on the banner once to make sure it works.
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