About us

Lengua Translations is a professional translation service provider that has been delivering high-quality language solutions since 1993. With decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for clients seeking accurate and reliable translation services. We offer a wide range of language solutions to businesses and individuals alike, ensuring that our clients’ needs are always met with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. For our translation services, visit our main page https://www.lengua.com.

Discover the fascinating world of languages and cultures with our blog! We want to provide a platform full of information and knowledge about languages, translation, and intercultural communication. Join us in building bridges between cultures and expanding your understanding of the world we live in.

We’ll start with three article series on our blog, each exploring a fascinating aspect of language and culture.

Our first series, “Rare Languages” delves into the many unique and endangered languages around the world. We will shed light on the rich linguistic diversity of our planet, and highlight efforts to preserve these precious languages.

In our second series, “Language History” we take a journey through time to explore the evolution of language and its influence on culture and society. From ancient languages like Latin and Sanskrit to the evolution of modern English, we will examine the fascinating history behind the world’s most spoken tongues.

Finally, our third series, “Etymology” explores the hidden stories and origins behind common words and phrases used around the globe. From the roots of idioms and expressions to the origins of everyday words, we will uncover the fascinating linguistic history behind the language we use every day.

We hope that our blog will not only provide valuable insights into the world of language, but also serve as a bridge between cultures, bringing people closer together through a shared love of language and the fascinating stories behind it.

New Blog Posts

We have a weekly blog schedule where we publish articles on different language-related topics. “Rare Languages” is set to be published every Sunday, “Language History” on Wednesday, and “Etymology” on Friday. Each series features one article per week. A few articles have been published already, so you can start reading immediately. For updates on our latest posts, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

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We welcome your feedback! If you find any errors, have suggestions for topics or improvements, or any other reason to contact us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by email at info@lengua.com, through blog comments, or on Twitter. We’re always looking for ways to improve our content and appreciate your input.