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Translation of contracts

The translation of contracts is of great importance both in the world of business and in the private sphere. Companies which operate internationally rely on a multitude of contracts, such as purchase contracts, cooperation contracts, framework contracts, dealership contracts and licensing contracts, for example.

Many further examples of contracts highlight their relevance in business practice: Contracts of association, framework contracts, partnership contracts, advertising contracts, insurance policies, articles of agreement, work contracts, service contracts, contract templates, confidentiality agreements and more. A contract between companies regulates the services to be provided by both parties and is often negotiated in detail during lengthy discussions beforehand. The contractual agreement must, therefore, either be thoroughly and unambiguously translated into the language of the foreign contract partner or accurately transferred into German by the foreign business partner.

There is no room for vagueness or ambiguity due to language barriers. An accurate contract translation is very important with regard to the mutual trust between companies and should only be prepared by a highly-qualified, professional translator. This makes a good impression on the business partner, provides legal certainty in the case of a breach of contract or in the case of inconsistencies, and protects the company's reputation. Contracts from other countries should always be examined carefully before signing, to which end an error-free, professional translation of the contract is required.

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Translation Contract

The translation of a contract may sometimes be necessary in the private sphere too, be it a contract of employment, rent or lease agreement, loan agreement, marriage contract or a sponsorship agreement. In order to avoid financial losses or legal disputes, which can easily be caused by the incorrect translation of contracts, one should not compromise when it comes to the quality of the translation. All contracts can also be certified by the translator on request.

If professional contract translations are required, we would be happy to send you an immediate, free quotation for your contract translation. Our competent, specialized, mother tongue translators would be glad to help you with the translation from and to all languages.


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