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Mechanical Engineering Translation. Charges for technical translations

One of our specialized fields in the area of technical translations is mechanical engineering. Many of our qualified, specialist translators are not only native speakers of the target language, but are also specialists in mechanical engineering, and have extensive additional qualifications up to and including a second degree in this area, for example a degree in engineering.

As with our other fields of expertise, we always ensure that the translator has the following qualifications:

1. A degree in translation from a university/college
2. Is a native speaker of the target language
3. A degree in the source language
4. Is specialized in technical texts in general and mechanical engineering in particular
5. An additional technical qualification such as a degree in engineering or technology as an additional subject at university
6. Collaboration with technology experts, technicians and engineers

Using strict quality assurance controls, we have achieved a very high level of customer satisfaction with our customers. Professionalism and competence are the most important principles of our work. Only technical translators who fulfil these requirements are used by us. Performance assessments and monitoring are further important building blocks of our quality assurance process.

A technical translator does not translate literally. He is able to address the specifics of the respective specialized technical text and the particular situation of the respective company. Technical translators prepare glossaries for their customers in order to be able to use the same specialist concepts for the same customer again and again, thereby ensuring professional uniformity (consistency).

A translated operating manual therefore reads fluently and is easy to understand for the user. The costs for additional support due to incomprehensible manuals and operating instructions are reduced and the company image and repurchase rate are significantly increased.

In order to be able to offer our customer these services, we also work in the specialized field of mechanical engineering at a professional price-performance ratio. We do not try to undercut our competitors using price-dumping tactics, but are rather more interested in the long-term success of our customers.

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