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Romanian translation services by Lengua Translations

Romanian is the official language of Romania and is spoken by about 28 million people. Approximately 20 million live in Romania (90% of the population); 3 million in Moldova (Moldovan Romanian); and 875,000 in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. Immigrant communities throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States also speak Romanian.

English to Romanian translation / Romanian to English translation

Welcome to Lengua Translations - the dynamic team of professional translators with the main goal of being your reliable business partner by acting as a bridge between languages and cultures in international communication.

We are working with Romanian certified translators who are ready to convey the very essence of your message into the target language and to guarantee the delivery of high-quality Romanian translations at competitive rates. In all our Romanian translation projects we focus on using the exact terminology as well as on grammar, style, precision, impact (for promotional material, advertising and web pages) and special terminology (for internal communications).

For any Romanian to English translation or English to Romanian translation, you can confidently rely on our translators’' expertise and their working experience. So, if you want to get accurate English to Romanian translation or Romanian to English translation our language experts will definitely help you.

Convenient and secure data transfer.

If you need English to Romanian translation or Romanian to English translation services you are in the right place. At Lengua Translations, we can translate all types of documents requiring Romanian translation.

Our company combines strategy, professional service and technology to provide high-quality Romanian translation and Romanian translation services in the economic, financial, banking, technical, automotive and medical fields. Our high-quality Romanian to English translation and English to Romanian translation services help our partners to develop business relationships in a unique way that makes a difference. As a leader in the translation services market, we continuously improve and adapt our capabilities, communication, services and the way we operate to provide the best results to our customers.

We care about our clients, we care about our long-term reputation and we care about long-term business relationships. We care about being one of the best translation companies!