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Slovenian Translation by Lengua Translations

Slovenian is the national language of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenian minorities in Austria, Italy and Hungary and is spoken by about 2.5 million people. It is also spoken by Slovenian immigrant groups in the USA, Canada, South America and Australia. Slovenian speaking territory between Austria in the North, Hungary and Croatia in the East and South and Italy in the West reaches further west than any other Slavic group of languages. Slovenian is characterized by a great number of dialects and sub-dialects.

English to Slovenian translation / Slovenian to English translation

Lengua Translations is a well-known translation agency that can provide you with high quality English to Slovenian translation and Slovenian to English translation services in the fastest possible timeline and at affordable prices, thereby helping you save time and money.

We will provide you with any type of Slovenian translation including:
  • Business documents translation
  • Website translation
  • Medical or scientific text translation
  • Technical translation
  • Personal papers translation
  • Advertising materials translation
  • Legal documents translation
Whether you need a letter, document, website, contract, marketing literature or any other type of material, Lengua Translations will be able to provide professional English to Slovenian translation or Slovenian to English translation in the required format.

If you require top quality Slovenian translation services we can offer you excellent and reasonably priced Slovenian translations for any documents and papers you need!

Lengua Translations will help you to succeed in the global market. Whether you need your marketing material, technical manuals, legal material or any other documents translated to or from almost every language in the world we have the resources to do this. If you require high quality and accurate Slovenian translations - just fill out our cost estimate form to receive the best Slovenian translation services by Lengua Translations.

All our translators are native speakers and linguists as well. Simply tell us your deadline and obtain your professional English to Slovenian translation or Slovenian to English translation when you need it. Feel free to order professional Slovenian translation services from Lengua Translations today.